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The Chord Progressions window is where chord progressions are made.

Chord Progressions are displayed in Roman numerals inside of Chord Fields, rectangular white panels representing one bar each.

This window has the following components:
Scr Help button
Help for this window (screen)
Item Help button
Help for any item - click this button and then click the item that you need help for
side tabs select the number of roots in a chord progression (different chords can be built on the same root)
top tabs select the mode (major or minor) of the chord progression
Generator Panel(s)

Save button

Generate a Chord Progression by selecting one chord in each column while holding down the <CTRL> key.

save a chord progression in a Generator Panel by copying it under the corresponding Bank Panel's Saved heading.


Delete button

a tree (a list organized by headings and sub-headings) of pre-written and saved chord progressions.

delete the bottom chord progression under the Saved heading in a Bank Panel.

Left slider highlights Chord Fields beginning at the left margin of the row opposite the slider
Right slider highlights Chord Fields beginning at the midway point of the indicated row
Fields Table
three rows and four columns of white 1-bar Chord Fields, displaying chords selected for use through clicking the Copy button
Units Table
three rows and four columns of colored 2-bar Units, displaying forms selected for use in the Form (Melody) window

see also Basic Patterns, Chord Progressions