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The Form window illustrates how phrases can be strung together into forms.

In this window a phrase is shown as a Unit, a rectangular panel representing 2 bars and color coded as follows:

no phrase available for this Unit to represent
green phrases available for use but none selected for use
color code for phrase 1
color code for phrase 2
color code for phrase 3
color code for phrase 4

The Form window has these components:

Undo button
remove a form from the Units Table starting at the row opposite the slider
Move button
Select a Form for Use by moving it from the Form Panes to the Units Table
Scr Help button
Help for this window (screen)
Item Help button
Help for any item - click this button and then click the item that you need help for
Fields Table
three rows and four columns of white 1-bar Chord Fields, displaying chords selected for use in the Chord Progressions window
Units Table
three rows and four columns of colored 2-bar Units, displaying forms selected for use i.e., moved into this table from the Form Panes
A form can be selected for viewing by clicking on the appropriate tab.