Visual "Phrases Within Phrases"

by Don F. Porter

Phrases can be combined into longer phrases or, to look at it the other way around, longer phrases can contain phrases of lesser lengths. A comparison can be made to poetry, where the same relationship is found between lines of poetry and larger units such as stanzas, sonnet forms and so on. Indeed, some poetic forms are quite close to certain forms illustrated by this program. However, the relation between poetic and musical forms need not be strict and the program is not an exercise in setting words to music.

The program illustrates some forms of "phrases within phrases", that is, shorter phrases within longer phrases.

For variety's sake, the user can change musical aspects such as phrase range (the interval between the highest pitch and the lowest pitch) and phrase shape or contour, by using on-screen controls. Here, the user should notice how the form (of phrase lengths) remains the same though its content changes.


Here is a screenshot of the program upon opening:


View the program's help screen for a better idea of how to use program.

  Setting Up

Download an installer and follow the instructions to install and run the program .

  What's New

The current version of the program is 1.0


The program is free, written in Java and distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).


jMusic  -  The program relies on jMusic to provide musical structures (for example, notes and phrases) and methods for varying them, to play audio and to show notation.  Have a look at the tutorials on the jMusic site. They introduce a wide variety of forms, including but going beyond the binary kind used here.


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